Wicked Hi Slush is dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint on the earth as low as possible.

Here’s how…

  • We drive and vend out of tricycles. Commuting is a major part of our business, and we believe it’s the best option to keep fuel and energy use to a minimum. The tricycles were made on the East Coast, in an eco-friendly factory that operates off solar powered energy.

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  • We also use cups that are both renewable and compostable. This means that our cups were made from materials that can be regrown again and again. And after its useful life, the entire cup can be returned to the Earth as compost. If that’s not the cycle of life, then we don’t know what is!

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  • Also, by using honey, we are supporting local bee keepers and spreading the buzz about the importance of honey bees. Honey Bees, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, pollinate 80 percent of our flowering crops, which constitute one-third of everything we eat. Losing them could affect not only dietary staples such as apples, broccoli, strawberries, nuts, asparagus, blueberries and cucumbers, but may threaten our beef and dairy industries if alfalfa is not available for feed.

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